Byham Theater Luxury Suites

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Sat May 2
Sat May 2 | 08:00 PM |
Thu May 14
Thu May 14 | 10:30 AM |
Fri May 15
Fri May 15 | 10:30 AM |
Fri May 15
Fri May 15 | 01:30 PM |
Sat May 16
Sat May 16 | 10:00 AM |
Sat May 16
Sat May 16 | 12:00 PM |
Sat May 16
Sat May 16 | 03:30 PM |
Sun May 17
Sun May 17 | 10:00 AM |
Sun May 17
Sun May 17 | 03:30 PM |
Sat Jun 13
Sat Jun 13 | 07:00 PM |
Thu Jul 16
Thu Jul 16 | 06:00 PM |
Tue Nov 17
Tue Nov 17 | 08:00 PM |
Tue Apr 13
Tue Apr 13 | 07:30 PM |
Wed Apr 14
Wed Apr 14 | 08:00 PM |
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VIP Luxury Suites at Byham Theater are a great place to celebrate an occasion, have a business meeting, or just have some fun with friends. When you are in a private suite its like having a event put on for you and your friends, no crowds, no long bathroom lines, and your food is often brought to you by private attendants.

Suites can hold from 10-150 people and you and your guests get access to the different VIP clubs in the building. If you are interested in renting a luxury suite for Byham Theater take a look at the inventory above.


Byham Theater luxury suites are sold on yearly or on a per event basis if available and may include special amenities such as VIP parking, VIP club access, attendant, VIP entrance, food and more.

Byham Theater luxury suites may be available for concerts, sports or theater events where you can host a special party during an event in luxury.

Find Byham Theater luxury suite listings above.



Rent A Byham Theater Luxury Suite

If your ready to rent a Byham Theater luxury suite, check the listings above to find an event that has luxury suites available. Some events will have multiple suites and some will not have any. Pricing depends on the event, day of the week, suite location and several other factors.




How Much Do Byham Theater Luxury Suites Cost?

Byham Theater luxury suites cost between $2,000 and $8,000 for most concerts at Byham Theater  if rented per event. For MLB, NHL, NBA games may range between $4,000-$10,000 for most games while NFL may be as high as $25,000 for a normal game. Playoffs or championship games may range even higher.


Byham Theater suites are not normal tickets and are mostly used by VIPs and business owners. You’re paying for the exclusivity, privacy and luxury which is much different than normal tickets.