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Arizona Coyotes Suites & VIP Box Tickets

The Arizona Coyotes is a dedicated NHL team from Phoenix. This team was established in 1972 and is one of the oldest NHL teams going back to the Winnipeg days. This team has been through bankruptcy, famine, and all sorts of downs. However, they still haven't lost their spirit. Soon the Arizona Coyotes may win their division championship and probably even a Stanley cup. Don't miss their reversal, and reserve Arizona Coyotes suites for their games right now.


The NHL would be incomplete without the Arizona Coyotes. In the same way, a good NHL game experience would be incomplete without  Arizona Coyotes suites. Usually, you can find these suites in multiple venues where the Arizona Coyotes usually play. Each venue will have multiple types of suites. For example, in Gila River Arena, there are more than 9 different types of suites. These suites have varying seating capacities, perks, views, and elevations. However, despite their differences, each suite will give you a clear view of the playing field.


These suites are your one-way ticket to a reprieve from the plagues that accompany a usual Arizona Coyotes game. One of the plagues is parking stress. If parking woes have plagued you, then you need  Arizona Coyotes suites. Some suites may give you access to a perk like VIP parking. You get a special parking spot in a separate VIP parking lot, as the name implies. The entrances to these VIP lots are usually separate from the usual entrance. In short, you won't get stuck in a queue of cars while entering or exiting the venue.


Like the separate entrance to the VIP parking lot, you may also use a VIP entrance to enter the venue. These VIP entrances are available in some venues and allow you to skip the usual lines that plague most of the public entrances. These are some but not all of the perks that may come with your suite. What else can you get with your suite? Some Arizona Coyotes suites may give you access to the VIP restrooms.


Other Arizona Coyotes suites may give you an in-seat attendant. An in-seat attendant is one way to ensure that you get good food inside the venue. The other way is to procure catering. Both of these perks will let you enjoy the food that the venue offers without any of the lines and crowds. If you’re attending the game with your family or business partners, then these are perks, you can’t do without. These are some of the most common perks you may acquire with your suite.


There are other perks as well, but for more information or specific requests, you'll have to contact a sales agent or go through our listings. Don’t worry, because there are a variety of suites for family outings, business meetings, or casual games (You name it, we’ve got a suite for it!). If you like  Arizona Coyotes suites, you can have them reserved in less than 20 minutes.

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An Arizona Coyotes suite can cost $3500 to $6500. The price of an Arizona Coyotes suite can change significantly because of the suites, their perks, the venue, and the teams playing. Typically, games between rivals and games on weekends have high demand. The rise in demand leads to an increase in price to compensate for the supply-demand ratio.




An Arizona Coyotes suite can accommodate 4 to 36 people. The number of people allowed in a suite will change based on suite and venue. For example, in Gila River Arena, a Mini-Suite can accommodate 4 to 6 people. In comparison, an Ambassador suite can accommodate 36 people. Other venues and suites may accommodate even more people.


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