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Chicago Bears Suites & VIP Box Tickets

The Chicago Bears is a force of nature that a few NFL teams can boast of stopping. They belong to the North Division of the NFC. This team is also known as the legend producer because a lot of its players have had their names inscribed in the Hall of Fame. Currently, the Chicago Bears have 9 league championships, 4 conference championships, and 19 division championships. They may add yet another one to this season. You can watch their journey from Chicago Bears suites.


If you want to enjoy a Chicago Bears game, then you’ll need  Chicago Bears suites more than anything. These suites will let you, your family, companions, and other like-minded fans enjoy the magic of NFL games. However, due to the hype around NFL games, and the huge fan base of the Chicago Bears, there are certain problems that can ruin your game night.


Parking problems, in particular, around venues can become a significant pain. However, you may not have to worry about parking if you have Chicago Bears suites because you may get access to separate VIP parking. With this perk, you can get access to a spot meant exclusively for you. Apart from VIP parking, you may also get access to the VIP entrance. Instead of waiting around in lines, you can quickly enter the venue whenever you like.


In other words, you won't have to compete with the rest of the audience for admittance. In the same way, you can leave the venue without getting stuck in a crowd. However, we would like to clarify that VIP entrances may not be available in some venues or under certain conditions. If this doesn't pique your interest, you’ll be glad to know that catering may be available with some suites. Some suites may give you an in-seat wait service. With this perk, you can say bye-bye to all food problems.


Whenever you need food, just call over your attendant and ask him to get it for you. You may even get catering with some suites. Catering gives you the option to choose a variety of beverages and snacks. You won’t have to leave your suite for anything, except maybe to go the restroom. Things get even better because you may not have to use the regular smelly washrooms. With Chicago Bears suites, you may get to use the clean, toilet paper stocked, and peaceful VIP restrooms. 


The options or freedom of choice is the best part about Chicago Bears suites. Within a single facility, you can discover a variety of suites. These suites have varying prices, perks, and capacities. You can choose a suite that best fits your needs. If you want the utmost luxury, go for a high-end suite; if you want the bare minimum of luxury, you can find that one too. Our representatives would be more than happy to recommend a suite based on your needs.

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A Chicago Bears suite usually costs $14000 to $38000. The prices can fluctuate significantly based on the venue and the suite. Some suites located in venues like Soldier Park will cost more than $20000. The prices also reflect the number of perks you may get with your suite. The more perks you get, the higher the price will be.




Like most suites, a Chicago Bears suite can accommodate around 20 people. However, the seating capacity can change based on the venue and some specific suites. Some suites in Soldier Field (home ground of the Chicago Bears) like the Skyline Suite may allow up to 125 people or more. Executive Level Suites can accommodate around 20 people.


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