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Green Bay Packers Suites & VIP Box Tickets

Whoever named the Green Bay Packers must have been a soothsayer because this team sure packs a punch. Over its 102-year-long history, the Green Bay Packers have won 13 league championships, 9 conference championships, and 21 division championships. But what matters more than anything for the Packers is how loyal their fan base is. Most of their games have been sold out since 1960. You witness the overwhelming community and game spirit this season by watching their games fromGreen Bay Packers suites.


Another advantage of these suites is the amount of room available. Do you want to walk around? Bam, you have the suite. Do you want to kick back, throw off your figurative shoes, and relax? Voila, you have your luxurious soft suite seats. These aren't the only benefits of a Green Bay Packers suites, though. You may even be able to get in-seat attendants in some of these suites. What good is an in-seat attendant? What can an in-seat attendant do?


An in-seat attendant isn't a swashbuckling buccaneer, but there are multiple things that they can help you with. An in-seat attendant is like having a personal butler who is always willing to do your bidding. If you need food, an in-seat attendant will get it for you. Plus, anyone would appreciate the company of a charismatic attendant.


Some of the Green Bay Packers suites may also come with catering. The crux of the matter is that you won't ever have to worry about food if you get a suite. Another perk that some suites may come with is VIP parking. If you hate the pointless search for empty parking spots and the insane traffic jams as much as us, then Green Bay Packers suitesare just what you need. The VIP parking perk will allow you to park your vehicle in a separate lot, with a separate spot just for you.


Some suites may also allow you to use the separate VIP entrance. With this perk, you can enter and exit the venue whenever you like. Other perks that may come with a suite include access to VIP restrooms. Apart from all of the perks, getting a suite is like becoming a patron of the Green Bay Packers. Enjoy team spirit, with your family, friends, or business partners, by rooting from the suites as dedicated fans.


When it comes down to getting your suite, you'll have to be careful. Weeks before the event, most of the suites will be sold out. You might not even get a suite if you take too long to reserve it. So please don't take too long, think about your needs, and contact our representative. They’ll guide you to available Green Bay Packers suites based on your criteria.


Stop sitting on the sidelines. Grab cheap Green Bay Packers tickets and watch your team play live.



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Green Bay Packers suites can cost $11000 to $28000. The price is not static, and it tends to change based on numerous factors. One of these factors is the suite and its perks. Luxurious suites with more perks cost more than regular suites with basic perks.




A Green Bay Packers suite can hold anything from 16 to 24 people. However, the number of people allowed in a suite varies depending on the venue and the event. In Lambeau Field, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 7000 Level Suites can accommodate 16 people. A Terrace Suite can accommodate 10 to 12 people.


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