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New York Knicks Suites & VIP Box Tickets

The New York Knicks or New York Knickers are a team from the Eastern Conference of the NBA. This spectacular team is based out of Manhattan and belongs to the Atlanta Division. The New York Knicks have accumulated 2 Championship Trophies, 8 Division Titles, and 4 Conference Titles. Since success is determined by the number of titles different teams have, we can conclude that the New York Knicks is VERY successful. You might witness them adding another title this season. Become a part of the action, and enjoy their journey from the glory of New York Knicks suites.

New York Knicks suites are designed to give you the best experience. These suites are located behind the 100-Level seating area in most venues like Madison Square Garden. These suites guarantee an obstruction-free view of the game and comfortable seating options. The spacious, cool interiors of these suites allow you to enjoy all of the sizzling games without any of the trivial nuances that accompany these games.

You may also get in-seat attendants with your New York Knicks suites. It means that you won't have to go through the trouble that the rest of the audience has to go through for a few snacks. But that isn't all! In some suites, you may even get the opportunity to purchase catering. With catering, you can get a variety of snacks and beverages in your seat like a royal king. Since most of the suites have tables, you can enjoy your food with ease and comfort.

The next perk that you may get with your New York Knicks suites is equally essential, and it is VIP parking. Don't you hate it when the parking lots around the venue are filled? Don't you just hate the mundane and moronic honking of cars? If your answer is "yes," then New York Knicks suites are meant for you. With your VIP parking, you may even get access to the VIP entrance. In short, you won’t have to compete with the rest of the audience for entry or parking.

With all of these perks, you can experience luxury unlike any witnessed before. The only thing you have to do is contact a representative. Inform them about your needs and have your favorite suite booked. However, we would advise speed, because the competition for these suites is high. Book your preferred suite a few weeks before the event if you don't want to miss out on the opportunity.



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A New York Knicks suite can have a cost between $6200 and $16000. The price will change based on the venue and the teams playing. However, the most influential factor is the suite that you are getting. The larger and more luxurious your suite is, the more it will cost.





A New York Knicks suite can accommodate between 8 to 20 people. The seating capacities in New York Knicks suites are wholly dependent on the suite and the venue. For example, in Madison Square Garden, there are three different types of suites (Lexus, Event, and Signature) with varying seating capacities. The same can be said for other venues where the New York Knicks play.


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