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Sacramento Kings Suites & VIP Box Tickets

If any team deserves to be named the king of persistence and tenacity, it's the Sacramento Kings. These guys have been in the NBA since 1923; we weren't even around back then. Since 1923, they have accumulated 6 division titles, 1 championship, and not a single conference title. Will their past stop them from making new records and achieving laurels; only time will tell. Coincidentally, the next game season is right around the corner. You can watch the string of fate unspool from Sacramento Kings suites.


You may find these suites in venues around the states where the Sacramento Kings have intimated games. One venue where you can always inquire about these suites is the Golden 1 Center. It also happens to be the home turf of the Sacramento Kings. You’ll often find the Kings embroiled in a stifling game against other teams from the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. The best way to enjoy these games is to get Sacramento Kings suites.


The goal of these suites is to reduce the number of disturbances that mar your game night. For example, parking is a prevalent issue around most venues. Some people even have to plan (Like strategize) beforehand to avoid parking problems. So what can you do to avoid or eliminate this problem? Get  Sacramento Kings suites.


With the Sacramento Kings suites, you may not have to worry about parking anymore because you may get access to separate VIP parking. The point of separate parking is to save your time. Instead of drifting around the venue like a hawk searching for food, you can park in a spot meant only for you. In addition to the separate parking, you may also get access to a VIP entrance (present in some venues. These entrances save your time by allowing you to skip long lines at the entrance.


A perk that you may acquire inside of the suite may include catering and in-seat wait service. With these perks, you can get your favorite food without leaving the comfort of your seat. Your attendants would be glad to get your snacks for you. You can enjoy these snacks while seated in your comfortable, plush chair. In short, with  Sacramento Kings suites, you won't have to worry about the view, the comfort of your seats, or food.


The only thing you need to be concerned about when getting  Sacramento Kings suites is their availability. These suites are scarce, especially during high-profile games. Typically, all of these suites are booked well in advance of the event date. We recommend booking your suite at least three to four weeks before the event to give yourself a fair chance.

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A Sacramento Kings suite can cost between $1500 to $14000. The perks that you get with your suite largely influence the price. Some of these suites are more luxurious than others and, as a result, cost more. The day of the game and the month are also major price influencing factors. 




A Sacramento Kings suite can accommodate 8 to 36 people. The number of people allowed in a suite can change based on the venue and the suite you are reserving. A Luxury Suite can accommodate 17 to 20 people, while Loft and Bridge Loft suites can fit 8 people. A Balcony Deck can accommodate 16 people.


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